The Age Factor Is camming harder for older women

The Age Factor: Is camming harder for older women

I come from what you might call a “good home,” and my parents (even though they themselves used to rent adult movies on VHS in the 90s and were involved in various online and real-life activities) always pretended that sexuality was a non-existent issue, and even period was a taboo subject. When I first fell in love as a teenager, I couldn’t talk to my parents about sex or contraception, they would just forbid me dating because in their opinion it was evil and people would speak bad about me.

In the 90s and 2000s, as I was growing up and becoming a woman, all forms of sex work were considered lowlife and evil. No one really talked about camming, and platforms like OnlyFans, Fansly, or Chaturbate didn’t even exist back then (at least not in Poland). You could see Playboy magazines and nudes hung in every mechanic’s shop, but being an adult model was generally considered something really, really bad. My family held the same opinion about nuds, so even when online sex work opportunities emerged in Poland, I simply feared that my family and society would turn my life into hell.

Breaking the taboo – nudes

I finally dared to take some semi-nudes after my divorce, when I turned thirty. My prudish family, the hardships of motherhood, and my toxic ex-husband had effectively crushed my femininity, and after the divorce, I decided to start exploring my sexuality at last. Ten years later, I regret didn’t have the courage to become a camgirl and present myself to a wider audience instead of sending my lovely curves to my dates. But as I mentioned, the fear of what others would say was still too strong, even though deep inside I started to consider this as a way of life.

My first time as a sex worker

At the age of 37, I finally gathered the courage and started my OnlyFans. I had no mentor, didn’t know how or where to find subs, and spent my evenings seeking information on how to promote myself, price my content, and how to create that content – it was something new and exciting to me. My body was no longer slim and firm as it was a few years ago, and to be honest, I stopped taking care of myself at some point. However, I managed to attract attention by focusing on my strengths – a round bum, and large breasts (unfortunately, a large belly too, but I always hid it). Thanks to promotion on TikTok, Instagram, and Reddit, I managed to earn a few hundred bucks in a fairly short time. Unfortunately, my adventure ended quickly as my possessive partner got jealous and then I sadly deleted all my accounts.

Becoming a cam girl at the age of 38 – is it time to retire?

During this year when I disappeared from OnlyFans and social media, I often missed the compliments and – let’s face it – the extra cash. To be honest, I regretted giving up on my sex career and decided to register as a model on Chaturbate. I read online that cam models manage to earn several hundred dollars on their first day, so I was hoping for a significant amount in my pocket. I tried to understand how to use all the bots and app on the platform, but I couldn’t set them up properly. In the end, I just put on some shorts, hid my stomach, and hoped that a pack of sex-hungry males would shower me with tokens. The reality was painful, as within minutes, lots of greys (users without tokens) showed up, and some guy made a comment that my camera quality was poor and that they couldn’t see too much (I was using the built-in camera on my laptop). After 20 minutes without earning a single token, I simply gave up and never logged back into Chaturbate again.

Stripchat – Third Time Lucky

For several months, I was trying to do my research and gave camming another shot. I started watching streams on Stripchat, following other models my age, with a similar body type. Since I don’t really show my face and speak very little, I looked for models who fit these criteria. One day, I finally found the courage once again and registered as a model on Stripchat. Unfortunately, my kids got sick at that time, so I had to wait a few days to do my first online show because I had nowhere to set up my home studio. After a week, when my kids were at the nursery and my partner went to work, I opened the camera on my new iPhone, and to my surprise, the tokens started rolling in.

First success and payout

In the first month, I managed to hop on the cam only a few times because I didn’t have privacy at home. After a few hours as a plus-size faceless and voiceless model (just typing and playing music), I managed to earn around 200 bucks, gather about 2,000 followers on Stripchat, some followers on Instagram and Twitter, and a few subs on OnlyFans. I also sold some spicy photos and videos and significantly boosted my self-esteem.

The road to success as a cam girl, especially at a mature age, with an imperfect body, emotional baggage, and various mental blocks, ain’t no cakewalk, but with consistent self-work and crafting your online persona, success is POSSIBLE. Breaking taboos, stepping out of your comfort zone, and staying consistent are key elements of this process. Neither age nor looks are barriers in the cam girl profession, and every woman can find devoted fans who will happily shower her with tokens in exchange for a nice chat, flirt, or spicy one-on-one online session.

If deep down you dream of making money as a camgirl but fear hate, failure, or your insecurities stop you from doing it – don’t think twice and give it a shot! Log on Stripchat, Chaturbate, or any other platform, see other, similar women, check their shows, and start – you don’t have to show your face at first if you want to stay anonymous. Remember, as a camgirl, you’re the boss of your show, you decide what to show and what to keep private, and who can watch you.

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